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Environmental Protection & Air Purification

Concerning oil mist air cleaner

During modern precision metal processing, the operation of tooling and metal workpieces produces mist, smoke and some more complex materials of aerosol particles and solld particles, whick mostly contains PCB components to put staffs' health in danger. Moreover, the workshop fills disgusting and annoying pollutionin of mist, which not ony affects the production efficiency extremely but also brings the loss of broken components of CNC system.

Nowadays, people pay much more attention to environmental protection. Choosing advanced equipments of eliminating oily water and smoke, making fresh air and recycling expensive cutting oil is an overall solution with practical benefits. 

Actually the significance of investing advanced equipments is reducing production cost substantially and carrying out the concept of "people-centered".


Product Characteristics

  • Low power, High efficiency
  • Low noise, Environmental protection and energy saving
  • Unique design, Easy maintenance
  • Motor temperature protection
  • Small volume, Easy installation
  • Economical and practical
  • Modular design makes maintenance easier
  • Fully intelligent desing automatically detects abnormal warnings and overload protection.(Optional)
  • Oil mist deflector can effectively intercept oil mist and extend the life of filter barrel. (Optional)

Smart panel function (Optional)
  1. Power start / Switch control function
  2. Motor temperature overload protection / Temperature display function
  3. Current sensing overload protection / Monitoring sensor control terminal
  4. Protection against cleaning and maintenance alert control
  5. Tool machine connected to the sensing console
  6. Oil mist machine using recording function
  7. System update / Date reading function
  8. LED display function